Water Conservation

Water conservation is a broad topic that addresses reducing water usage by more efficiently
using water, reducing water loss, and improving water quality.

There are many ways to to conserve water in the landscape. One is to use plants that are native
and drought tolerant. Another is the use of drip irrigation vs sprinklers.

Harvesting water through the use of rain barrels or cisterns is a method that addresses water
loss. Additionally, water can be collected from air conditioning and dehumidifiers for general
use on plants. A central home unit can produce 5 to 20 gallons of water a day in the summer.

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By UGA News Service on June 29, 2011; Researchers from the University of Georgia Odum School of Ecology have found that certain neotropical stream ecosystems rely almost entirely on a single fish species known as the banded tetra for the critical nutrient phosphorus. In a paper recently published in the journal Ecology, the researchers, led by Gaston E. “Chip” Small, explain why this particular species plays such a crucial role — and why these stream systems are vulnerable as a result.