About Us


What is a Master Naturalist?

A Master Naturalist is a person who has undergone specific training in habitats, ecosystems, natural resources and the natural environments.The Master Naturalist is citizen scientist who desires to have a positive impact on the world around them through continuing education efforts and application, of what is learned, to efficient and effective activities that support our environment.





What they do.

Master Naturalists may volunteer in a variety of projects. These activities may
include: environmental teaching opportunities within the local area; stream and roadway cleanups; development of certified wildlife habitats both public and private; development of a Bluebird trail; and attending classes to expand and deepen the knowledge and understanding of our native ecosystems and how to maintain their quality.





What they have to say about the program.

"program has helped me to become better informed about water issues facing Forsyth county" 

"program has provided me with a way to assist with land conservation that will be used for      recreational purposes" "anonymous"