Go Greener Projects

Forsyth County Master Naturalists are focused on community awareness and education regarding how to help maintain the natural ecological balance in our environment and help to preserve our natural systems and resources. We are focused on identifying ways we can:

  • conserve natural resources
  • conserve energy
  • reduce waste
  • reduce air and water pollution
  • protect the earth’s ecological balance with other living things.

The Go Greener Project is a collaborative effort between Keep Forsyth County Beautiful, Inc, and Forsyth County Master Naturalists.  Forsyth County Master Naturalists through our Go Greener projects are are working  with both Keep Forsyth County Beautiful and the Forsyth County Extension Office. This initiative ​provides community outreach regarding eco-friendly options and lifestyle choices for​ home, school, work and play. Each season a new educational ​campaign is launched to promote awareness, and to provide information regarding practical tools and techniques for "putting green thinking into practice.” Seasonally themed outreach efforts include the display of educational posters in county parks, recreational centers, libraries and public buildings. The posters include links to the resources where you can find more relevant information, videos and community events in support of environmentally friendly practices. 

People can choose a greener lifestyle for a variety of reasons, such as saving money, reducing pollution, improving one’s health or preserving natural resources. Through every decision you make to Go Greener, you are reducing negative impact to the environment and helping to sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Each season we introduce a new topic for how to "Go Greener."  Please click on any link below to learn more about ways to go greener at any time of the year.


Green Cleaners - work in progress



Projects to be announced



Projects to be announced



Projects to be announced